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About Eddie Murphy

God what does it take for one to get some sleep in SA. I dreamt I had just woken up and was running around in my pj’s looking for a toothbrush in a hotel with red floor carpets. I went to the first floor then remembered I was booked on 6th floor and took a lift and went there to find it. I got there to find that the door was a made of a mirror which was broken. I then took a lift back to the ground floor. When I got there I found Eddie Murphy and cameramen, I thought they were shooting a movie and then went to him to introduce myself and ask for an autograph? I think he’s coming soon. I think it’s like a warning that I should prepare myself to get out of “Egypt.” This “situation” that I am in at the moment, is similar to the one the Israelites’ were in when God send Moses to lead God’s children to the Promised Land.So South Africa is Egypt and America Israel? My theory of allegorical names: these situations are similar and are therefore the same thing. So this is it, my ticket out of he…

About Vincent

We have a guy in the office called Vincent, all that he talks about is the Bible. He talks with a lot of emotion every time we talk about it. He cannot believe that my daughter is Naledi  Catherine and her dad is Barnabus Ramarumo(was named after the Bishop of ZCC) He keeps forgetting her name and when we remind him he starts talking about the Bible and ZCC members. He says we pray to Barnabus and his trucks and buses and not to God. I told him he will never understand the ways of the ZCC members because he is not one of them and that he’s wrong we pray to the same God he prays to. He said he will never be a ZCC member because he is Apostolic. And that I don’t know anything and cannot even quote the scriptures. He keeps talking about Julius Caesar, the Pope, Magdalena, the scrolls and about what to eat and what not to eat as is stated in the Bible. But I laugh it off because he doesn’t know that he is actually one of us and that’s he’s so spirited that’s why he wants to be preach “ever…

Manuscript: Book of Dreams (100 dreams of 100 famous people) 24/11/2011

Dream 1:

The Holy Grail
It was in the morning and I was about to wake up, I dreamt of a woman in a coffin in a glass top coffin in the middle of our living room. That the Holy Grail I said to my mom, who was sitting in a chair next to me. We were sitting in a room watching tv an saw the holy grail’s coffin.
‘Someone said she looked like me. Did you know she was from Florence?’ I continued.  She shook her head and as I was talking the coffin lifted itself up from the ground and the holy was left lying on the floor. She had no skin but green muscles and bones and insects were crawling all over her body ond around her . A group of young men came and as they were about to approach her, she woke up. Her eyes opened and started screaming and growling. The young men ran away and then the coffin closed came towards me and enclosed me.
Dream 2: I was in a room with Catholic Bishops, some were dressed in maroon robes and others in black ones. The room had white mosaic tiles and the Bishops were sittin…

About Albert Einstein


I was sleeping on a sofa. It was during the day and had decided not to go to church. I saw a man in a white coat with white pointy hair standing next to me. He had a stick in his hand like he was teaching me something. Next to him were the letters “e=mc2’ and I knew who he was. I had seen him on tv and in magazines. Then he moved to the right and a mn called Adolph Brian came in. He was wearing a jean, white shirt and a tweed jacket and I knew it was because I had not gone to church that day, he had come to fetch me. Later I learned about his theory “About Zionism” and I knew everything is interconnected.

About Bobby Brown

I had a dream Bobby Brown at a restaurant with a friend with had small kitchen dining chairs. It was sunny and hot outside and as a waitress came to bring them menu’s, he opened up a magazine and said to his friend who was sitting opposite him and said “So, what were you all saying about me,” like he knew what was going on. I wondered what was happening with him and his daughter Bobby Kristina and whether she was also a musician/actress, and then I remembered she is also Robert Brown (III). My theory(allegorical names) is that she and Robert Brown (theory of the Brownian movement) Bobby Brown(father) R. Kelly and Robert Kennedy are the same thing.    Does it mean she's also a Zionist by birth?

About Andrew

There was an advert on TV about the shows that were to be flighted and Dallas was one of them. I remembered we are going to see Bobby’s Pamela again. My sister is named after her, Pamela from Dallas. I gave my mother that name before she was born, then when she came back from the hospital she told me the baby’s names Pamela Neo.
Where did you get the other name from” I asked. “I thought of it while I was in hospital” she said smiling. And now she’s Catherine Poppie and my sis Pamela Neo and our next door neighbour is called Sabina. I asked my sis to form a group with me so we can become musicians but she doesn’t want to, doesn’t want to be a musician even though she has an amazing voice.
At night I slept and I heard a voice saying to me “There’s one such person in SA, she’s Pamela Andrews.” So Pam Andrews is my sis? She’s beautiful and pregnant and so is my sister but its Pam Andrew’s son I was holding in my arms in the dream and not my sisters. Then I dreamt about Pam Andrews again, s…

About Christmas

Dream:The day before I was going to my house(452) and as I was passing one of the houses I saw Nick, a neighbour’s, door open and wondered when he was going to finally buy order curtains, because can sure can use some. He lives alone and I once went to his house to show him curtains I had made. I wanted to make red curtains for Christmas. Yes I’m Italian too, I design like all Italians. Chaka Khan said it better when she said “I’m every woman”, surprisingly this was the first song I dreamt about. I thought someone was playing music in my ears then.
This morning I was woken up by a vision of Father Christmas, He was watching me while I was sleeping. “Yes, Yes bring Nick, bring Nick over” he said with a huge grin on his face. So where does Nick fit into the picture? I know for sure he is not St Nicholas but he is Nick and that’s all that matters. Christmas is drawing near and wanted to sew red curtains for Christmas.
The Jesus story is being told the whole year every day and now it’s tim…

ABOUT HARASSMENT: Muvhango(soapie)

The similarities are overwhelming and I cannot ignore. We have never met the producers or writers of your soapie. They have never been in our homes, I don’t know where they know us from and would like an explanation.      Catherine ·When the story started they had a woman by the name of Catherine, which also happens to be the name of my mother. Neo ·They have also introduced a person by the name of Neo. My sister is also Neo. .She will be getting married in November and according to the episodes that are now being flighted as of 31 September, Neo (Meiki) is also getting married. KK ·I worked for PHD (Pharmaceutical Healthcare Distribution) now RTT and the company is based in Centurion and we had a person by the name of KK. ·They have a character by the name of KK who’s working for a distribution company on the 7th floor. These people are exploiting us. They are building careers and making money out of us. Is this how the writers get their stories, by stalking other people? Me and my famil…

HARASSMENT: Rhythm City. soapie, ETV.

The use of the names of your characters are names of the members of my family and personal friends. Puleng Soapie:Cooker at Mamokete’s house/Suffocate’s ex-girlfriend. Real life: William’s neighbour. (House no 31)
Tshidi Soapie : A Student Doctor/ A childhood friend. Real life: A childhood friend (House no: 25) Maidi (08-12/04/2013)
Soapie : Tshidi’s Boyfriend and Doctor. Real life:Childhood friend of mine, William and Lali.(Mochoane Str)
William (Episode 07/09/2012) Soapie:Married to Tshidi, played by the actress Lali. Real life: William is a cousin, brother to Lali and a friend to Maidi. (House no 29)
Ausi Joyce and Catherine

ABOUT HARASSMENT: Generations (soapie)

Still waiting for feedback from these writers too.
Kenneth Mashaba’s new company RTL   I worked 3 yrs for a company called RTT? The fake company Dineo Mahlaba and Sibusiso Dhlomo were working on to trap Kenneth.
Orion cars My sister Tesia works for Orion in JHB.  Sbusiso Dlomo was talking about Tersia when Senzo and Jason when they moved in with him and Ntombi after Kenneth’s arrest.    Costa Was mentioned a few months ago, I have a friend on FB called Costa. Samuel   My grandfather and brother are both named Samuel. Catherine My mother and daughter are both named Catherine
These minor co-incidences if left unattended to will escalate into a big problem. I really don’t want this story to revolve around us. I have a child and would really like to live a normal life again like all your actors and actresses. Why aren’t the writers writing the story about themselves or their actors. They are harassing us and causing a lot of problems for me and my family. We do not know how they do this and the …


The similarities are too much and found them to be too overwhelming. We have don’t know these people they’ve never been to our home, I don’t know where they know us from. I would like to know where they get their story from because it is about me, family and close friends.
The SABC make our lives unbearable and impossible by infringing on our rights to privacy and use our lives as entertainment and for personal gain.
I sent two complaints, in 1996 I sent a complaint to the writers from email address. Sivan Pillay responded and said the story was not related to us and explained about disclaimers?
Another email was sent to the BCCSA in 2010 from address. The query was handled by Shouneez Martin who forwarded it to the Isidingo team. A woman by the name of Karen Barnard responded, she sent back an email about how the story was coincidental, and said that they do internet searches before they write stories to see if there aren’t any simila…