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About Ruth and 7 BC and 7 AC

I dreamt of a lady by the name of Ruth, she had come to visit me and said that she was my ancestor. She said she was an ancestor from the year 7BC.

She didn't know if it was 7BC or 7EC and I told her it was the same thing?

Then I googled it and this is what I found amongst other things:

Jesus was born probably on Wednesday, January 7th, 7 BC.

“... among her ancestors such well-known women as Annon, Tamar, Ruth, Bathsheba,”

1.”The 7AC, in turn, was soon upgraded to the 7BC, with a larger engine, and was subsequently produced for the US Army under the designation L-16A (85-hp ...” This law extended to the next of kin, hence Noemi's plan. Ruth, by her action, is claiming this right). Ruth 3:1-7. B.C. 5. Booz awakes to find Ruth at his ... Its that time of the year again, the time we remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus. Stay Blessed t…


These writers sure make stories about others don’t they and for what, financial gain? It doesn’t matter who gets hurt. The fact that we have been put under surveillance and harassed by people we have never met before makes no difference, to them as long as it puts cash in their pocket. Infringing on innocent people’s basic human rights means nothing to them. They’re not even afraid of getting arrested or sued.
A family that preys    (Tyler Perry)  A family that prays:  Ekasi stories  (Sobabili Productions) I don’t know how many times E TV’s repeated their stories on Mondays. We have no voice, so it doesn’t matter. Nobody will know. They are writers, they tell stories and that’s what they do, it doesn’t matter how these stories influence the lives of the people they write about. I wonder if they’ve ever thought of writing about themselves. Here I am trying to sort out my harassment problem, so that me and my daughter can have a normal, decent life. like all. Here are these team of writers…

About Lali

When I was in primary I had a friend called Memory. I used to dream about her a lot a few years ago. I dreamt of her sitting or playing outside at her mom’s place. In the dream it was always me going to her but I couldn’t understand what it meant until I picked up a book called “Mandela: The rise of the ANC” at friend’s place. The was an article about Lillian Ngoyi and saw a picture of her and her daughter “Memory.” I then remembered the dream. You see my great grandmother is Lali and now my mom’s best is Lillian. I saw the name and immediately I knew what the dream was about. These 3 people together with a cousin, Lali who passed away are the same. Lali was very stubborn and that was the description used to describe Lillian Ngoyi in the book. It was my cousin Lali, in a dream who once told me to take care of Lali, Lala and Lele. I didn’t understand what she meant, until now. To me they are like Lilith a figure of evil, a female demon with long hair and wings. Her name comes from the …