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COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail

Re: Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail      
The album was released on 4th of July 2013 when it was scheduled and advertised on the media to be released on 7TH of July.
I want to draw your attention to the following: ·   I was born on 07/07.
·Holy Grail: The title of the album was a dream I had which was posted on my blog on    11/2011.  ·I use a Samsung laptop and cellphone (bought 05/2011) and washing machine. 

·I am a member of Zion Christian Church.

·This information was stolen from my blog and was used without permission.

·Life Is But A Dream: I have also been complaining about harassment from his wife Beyonce  about the use of copyrighted information from my blog to advance her career. The title was stolen from tweets about dreams I had in January 2011 during Barack Obama’s Inauguration. (info’s on my facebook page)  

·The title was also derived from a quote on my facebook page. I’d also like to be paid for copyright infringement?

The post of 25 November 2011 was the inspiration to the Magna …

The Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph November

Articles that have to do with my theory:  Dates from the Sunday Times
Date: 10/11/2013. I was there when they shot KennedyA triumph over the Nazi’s will by Micheal Kimmelman by The New York TimesIt was the best of times By Khateeja Adbulla  Date: 12/11/2013.
Artworks sold by Nazis for R225 (Marc Chagall’s Bday and mine 07/07/, Adolph Hitler and    an ex friend are similar)       Tesla Motors and the name of my Sis Tes are similarDates: 13/11/2013
  Leave no one behind by Neil TweedieLes Beaux get best tables by Henry Samuel  Every time I put information on my social network accounts your reporters do an article about it.  · DATES: 17/11/2013
BONDING BY BIKE by LEE KINGMA (TRAVEL WEEKLY READERS’ CORNER) ·Me eldest daughter Lauren an art teacher ·“Action Barbie” daughter Kirsty to share the travel opportunity during my July trip.
DATES: 18/11/2013 DORIS LESSING ·Born 1919 emigrated to London after ww11 ·In 2007 Became oldest recipient of the Nobel prize for literature 2007,

Harassment Poem

Written by Flora Shoko™ ·             CELEBRITIES 
When musicians and their hubby’s steal personal information from your social networks for interviews, shows and music to advance their careers,   When they get married to a man you once sent an email to about songwriting, start stalking you because you never came back When they fashions their career to be like you to  fools the whole world into thinking she is you when she isn’t.  When they lie about a condition to the whole world when you’re lactose intolerant be in a better position to compete,    When they can’t tell the difference between lactose intolerance and HIV because they weren’t intelligent enough to attend tertiary institution.  When they claim you’re might be HIV positive when it’s them having sex every day. When they are jealous of you because you have a degree in “psychology” (and other courses) and they think being seen with a person named Psy qualifies.     When stealing one’s ideas becomes a trend and impersonating the person…

The Daily Telegraph/Sunday Times

The Original Waterworld (Travel section)
I am complain about the article mentioned above dated 04/11/2013.  I'd really like Judith Wood to stay out of my facebook page. I posted comments about the following this week:

Mark Zuckerberg, Judith Light and she does an article about St Mark’s Square in Italy?

Everytime I put information on my social network accounts your reporters do an article about it?

Harassment: Adobe Publishing Team

This was supposed to be an email I wnted to send to Adobe. Hope they see it. 

Adobe: Book of Dreams

I saw a title of my unpublished manuscript advertised on your website by your Publishing team.
My manuscript titled “Book of Dreams” was sent to 4 publishers in SA last year and was rejected. I was shocked to see this title on your website. I’d like to know who the author of the book is and under which publishing company “Book of Dreams” was published.

I have copyrighted this title on my twitter account and blog on the 6th November 2012.

Florence M. Shoko