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A THEORY OF ALLEGORICAL NAMES                                             ©2012 Dreams (Book of Dreams)
Marvin Gaye (Musician, USA) I was at work in Centurion and my working conditions were not satisfactory. I was under a lot of stress and one night I went to bed and dreamt of a man standing in a half empty room I took it that it was him, he was wearing bell bottomed trousers and a flower shirt. Then a voice said to me” he had a lot of problems and he couldn’t sort them out, so he shot his father. Martin Lawrence (Actor, USA)
I was at my aunts Dora and me and my cousins were playing cards. And then we went to a restaurant and sat down on brown benches. We ordered food and then he walked in and sat next to my cousin and started talking to us. Then we had someone playing a piano and we turned to see Don Laka playing on the stage.  
Alicia Keyes and Swiss Beatz (Musician and Producer, USA) They had come to my bedroom to take pictures of Alicia. Swiss had a camera in hand and I got out of bed t…