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@FLORENCESHOKO (Mantshegele Media) tweets (hacked)DREAMS, CELEBRITIES AND A theory of allegorical names/A theory of similarities (names and numbers)

All my tweets are copyrighted. 

Someone removed my tweets from my handle/I have been hacked again. Luckily I saved everything so here they are all of them without pictures. Except for my 2012-2013 tweets that were also removed.  

Mantshegele® Media @florenceshoko • Apr 25  Pls remove #NathiMthethwa #PrincessCatherine #TopBillin #NonhleThema #ZindziMandela #KhanyiMbau frm ©ATOAN. She #harasses NalediC &family!   Mantshegele® Media @florenceshoko • Apr 25  Didn't contact #Basetsana Kumalo #JuliusMalema #PrincessCatherineMiddelton @IntlCrimCourt shud remove them frm workin ©ATOAN, #NOAUTH!   Mantshegele® Media @florenceshoko • Apr 25  Dream: @KatlegoDanke getting her hair done talkin abt weddings with me? She looks like me:-)   Mantshegele® Media @florenceshoko • Apr 25  Only I shud be contacted with all things #MantshegeleMedia. NOONE has AUTH!!! Booking for  Acting:    Mantshegele® Media @florenceshoko • Apr 25  Will u pls tell #BonangMatheba and #BasetsanaKumalo…