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Business Partner Needed

Good day
Re: Business Partner 
Flora Shoko Productions (Mantshegele Media) registered in July 2013 is looking for a business partner. Another Production Company that wishes to expand or someone who'd like to work in the entertainment industry. 
Description “A theory of allegorical names” aka “a theory of similarities®” It’s about people with similarities, names, events and how our lives are influenced by these similarities. What we need Funding for productionWebsite Interested parties can send an email or call me on the contact details listed below.  

If yuo want to make a donation please feel free to send an email 
Best Regards

Flora Shoko (CEO) c: +27 074 9190 582 

Harassment: The Telegraph

Dear Editor I am writing to you to complain about the articles that you print on your newspapers about my work titled “a theory of allegorical names” and “a theory of similarities” by your reporters that is available on my twitter accounts. These articles are about people with names like Catherine's, Florence, 1952, 07/07, etc. or anything related to it. This information is about my family, friends and relatives and is not for entertainment or you to compare the whole world about. I have sent a manuscript to publishers in SA, but the manuscript was rejected but I see information from my manuscript when I read your newspapers. I take it my manuscript was leaked to you?
I was surprised to see on this Sunday newspaper printed an article about Miley Cyrus after I've tweeted about Billy Ray Cyrus. You have mentioned 'theory' and 'similarities".  My 'theory of similarities’ is on my tweets and blog and they are both copyrighted. This is my work and you and your r…