Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2020
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Good day Paris

Since your mom's name is Katherine so is mine and my daughter Naledi. The information is on my blog and twitter account @florenceshoko. I think the below mentioned people might contact you. I have a manuscript named Book of Dreams stolen by the UK royals and Queen Beatrice via PDF. Your name in the manuscript too with the dream I had about you about a cocktail. Binang !ayheba has created he House of BNG because of the information in my manuscript which was about you. Excerpt of the manuscript is on my blog in 2011 and 2012. 

Bonang Matheba, Top Billing, Jeannie de Gouveia or Lira Molapo might contact you because they using my hacked/bought manuscript from Jacana Media's Thabiso Mahlaphe and Random House without my permission. I want you to contact me if they do. Don't allow them to use your name and family information to advance their career. They're using a theory of allegorical names (similar names and numbers) to advance the career of Bonang Matheba and they're friends when the information is about my famiky and I made it about Bona Mugabe because St.Catherine was born in Bona not Bonang.  I dreamt about you because of this reason. 

Bonang Matheba has been using my information illegally without my permission. Please do not allow her to contact you, this is personal information and has nothing to do with her. She must use her own family information to advance her career and not use my family information. Let her use her mother, daughter, sister or father's name to contact all the people with similar names in the world. She's has no permission to use !mine. I copyrighted the ei to in 2009, she's using it now. CNN's Christian Amanpour is using the same information to run to her interviews and contacting all the Catherine's even though this has nothing to do with her. They're infringing on copyrighted information. 

Please don't allow them. They have no permission and copyright. Here's more information I sent to some of the people she's been contacting the police. CAS NO 23/03/2016 has been opened against her at SAPS Soshanguve. I want her removed from all this information. 

If you have information belonging to me has been  before stolen from my bedroom by Mike Lebea of house 459 L who stole it when I went to have my computer fixed. Please don't hesitate to call me. This is my company information, House of Flora Shoko SA,  Flora Shoko Productions and Mantshegele™ Media. Cv's, tweets,  pictures, manuscripts Book of Dreams and Under Surveillance four chapters and emails and lots of documents I drafted. 

Emails about Lira Molapo, My pictures, Tswelopele Productions and other dics I drafted including sings and my daughter Naledi Catherine's documents please contact me.  

They have no permission and no copyright. Please remove her. The information is based on my family. I'm the one who lives at house no2019 I. Pretoria and a member of Zion Christian Church and not her.This is my information not hers as she so wants it to be. Everything she's doing she stole and hacked from my social networks. She's infringing on Bona Mugabe's information and refuses to stop. 

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