A Theory of Allegorical Names

A Theory of Allegorical Names

Similarities with famous people

  • Julius Malema,  Julian Assange and Julia Dreyfuss ,  Julius Caesar  and Julius Nyerere  are similar.  
  •  Prince William and Princess Catherine about to have a baby in July (07) are similar.
  •  Florence Masebe (actress) and brother Thabo Masebe(politics) and Florence Shoko and brother Thabo’s names (artist) are similar.
  • Winnie Ntshaba(actress) and husband Thabo Modise and their son born 06 July are similar.
  • Barnabas Lekganyane, Barnabas Ramarumo, Tom Cruise and Russell Simmons and their first daughters are similar.
  • Marie Currie who was married to Pierre. She and my daughter Catherine were born on the same day.
  • Martin Luther King and King James of Scotland were both Kings, which makes James Scott (EJ Dimera) and Jill Scott have the spirit of King James of Scotland. Larry King, Martin Lawrence and Laurent Kabila are also similar.
  • Marilyn Monroe and Joe Di Maggio (got married and had no child) Joseph and Mary (never got married but had a child (Jesus) and the Pope Benedict’s parents (Joseph and Mary).     
  • Peter the Great of St. Petersburg, Russia had a wife named Catherine was like Simon Peter disciple of Jesus. Peter Tchaikovsky’s ballet is similar to the dance steps in Revelations. A deceased cousin Peter, the son of Mary, nephew of Catherine, also died of gangrene like Peter the Great.  
  • Michael Jackson , Michael Bolton and Michelangelo are similar
  • Joseph and Katherine Jackson and their son Michael and his dance steps, has similarities with Da Vinci (Katherine) Jesus Christ (Joseph) and Revelations(dance steps) Michelangelo(Da Vinci) 
  • John the Baptist (head chopped off) John Kennedy (shot on head), John Cena (wrestling?) are similar.
  • Robert Brown (Albert Einstein, Zionism, Politician), Robert Kennedy (Zionist), Robert Mugabe (Politician) and Robert Kelly (musician) and Robert Motaung(soccer boss) are similar.
  • Steve Kekana, Stevie Wonder are similar. So is Steve Biko Steve Hofmeyr, Stephen King and Steve Wilkos and Stephen Spielberg are similar.
  • Chris Hani (political), Chris Brown (musician, artist) are similar.
  • Hillary Clinton and Hillsong’s are similar. Brian and Bobbie Houston (Hilsong), Bobbie Brown (musician) Bobbie Brown (cosmetics) are similar. Bobby van Jaarsveld,(musician) and son Zion.
  • Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chaplin.
  • Lenny Kravitz, ex wife Lisa Bonet and daughter Zoe for Leonardo’ Da Vinci’s painting “Mona Lisa” 

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